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Last Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Choosing the Right Service Company

Choosing and hiring a service company can be a daunting task. It is not just about carpet cleaning, after all, it is about finding a trustworthy company that will arrive promptly, act professionally, and do superb work at a reasonable price. Is there such a company in the world? Is there such a company in Skagit County?

Cleaner Guys is a first class cleaning and restoration company, right here in Skagit County. We live here, we raise our families here, and we work hard to create high-value experiences for our clients right here.

Carpet cleaning is a moderately complex task that requires knowledge of chemistry so that the detergents mixed to clean your carpet are just right. Chemical pH is a powerful ally when understood and treated with respect, but is also a powerful adversary when treated poorly and not having the training required to use it correctly.

This is why most carpet cleaning companies have a hard time getting the carpet clean. They are not confident in their technicians, so they only buy cleaning products that are very unlikely to be mixed improperly enough to cause damage. The problem with this is while they are preventing their technicians from doing damage to clients homes they are also tying their hands when it comes to getting the carpet clean. Proper training, management, and experience is what allow a technician to remove soil without doing any damage to the carpet.

Many people who call Cleaner Guys to discuss carpet cleaning have had poor experience and/or results with other carpet cleaning companies due to long drying times and residual odors after carpet cleaning.

Over-wetting carpet while cleaning is a very common problem with carpet cleaning companies who, like mentioned above, do not allow their technicians access to detergents that can do a great job cleaning.
As a result, a technician who is trying hard to do a good job and obtain satisfactory results will spend more time and apply more water to the carpet than they should trying to get it clean. This results in a carpet that is left damp for an extended period of time, sometimes up to 48 hours.

This is terrible for the carpet and can lead to all kinds of structural damage (de-lamination) because the carpet is manufactured using water based glue. When that glue gets wet and hot and stays wet for an extended period of time, it loses its ability to hold the carpet fibers together. This problem can be greatly magnified if the technician is also using heavy mechanical agitation trying to get the carpet clean. Also, if there is furniture to be moved back onto the carpet moving heavy items will put the wet carpet under stress it cannot take in that softened condition.

Odors from overly wet carpet can come from many different causes. In this particular scenario, poor cleaning due to weak detergents will leave the soil in the carpet which now wet and warm allowing bacteria to form and/or thrive. Typically it is bacteria that you smell when the carpet is left wet. If there is sufficient water to keep the carpet wet for even longer or deeper into the backing of the carpet, pad and sub-floor then mold can start growing we well, fed by the bacteria that formed.

Over wetting can also be a side-effect of not having or properly using powerful cleaning equipment. There is a whole range of carpet cleaning equipment available to use from a store bought consumer type machine to professional portable cleaning units all the way up to truck mounted cleaning machines where a small automotive engine is used to power a large industrial vacuum, water heater, and pressure pump.

The problem that comes up frequently with the smaller machines is not their ability to put down water; it is their ability to vacuum it back up. Small grocery store rental machines are just not adequate to provide good deep cleaning of the carpet in the average home. If the company you hire is using portable equipment, they have to be even smarter and more knowledgeable about what they are doing to not create problems with a low powered machine. Unfortunately, portable carpet cleaning equipment tend to be the tool of choice for the cleaner who is just starting out and does not have the resources to purchase truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment which can easily cost as much as $30,000 plus the vehicle to use it in. As with all consumer purchasing decisions, it really is “buyer beware” If your carpet cleaning company is not using modern truck mounted equipment, you may be selling yourself short and possibly inviting a real disaster to your carpet and home.

So what’s the answer to this potentially awful mess? First, if you have experienced this recently, we would recommend that you have the carpet cleaned again by a high quality cleaning company with proper tools and equipment to do the job right. We can apply an antimicrobial agent to help reduce the potential for mold or other microorganism growth. Give us a call to discuss your situation.

If you have not had this type of experience you are very fortunate, it is not fun. Be sure you have some understanding of what your needs are so you can ask intelligent questions about the service and service personnel you are considering having in your home.

If you do not know or don’t feel comfortable asking these types of questions, require the company you are considering to explain what they do and how they do it. If the can’t or won’t then that an obvious red flag, but at the same time you can be listening for some specific information to communicated to you about the company and its service. A high-quality company will not be in the slightest bit hesitant about bragging up their great technicians, training, and certifications and, of course, the results.

Cleaner Guys is just such a company and we will gladly explain to you all that you need to know about the service we provide before, during and after any cleaning work we do for you. We have nothing to hide. Call today for a free quote for your carpet, tile/grout, stone or hardwood floor cleaning project. We clean it all in both residential and commercial settings.

If your project is more complex than routine cleaning, we will be glad to come out and look at the work, discuss it with you and provide a quote, all at no charge or obligation. We have been cleaning for over 13 years and have the highest integrity. We use only the best cleaning equipment, tools, and detergents. Our industry certification level training within the IICRC bring it all together into a power-packed service company you will enjoy having in your home and trust to have back over and over.

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