Last Updated: Sep 19, 2020

What creates the value in our homes?


This is a question that is asked of me quite regularly.  It is a combination of many aspects. I will list some of them with a short explanation as to why each contributes to the value.

Production Builder – This is typically easy to understand, we do a lot of business with our suppliers and the subcontractors, which helps with our volume and creates better pricing.

Fee Only Builder – We do not build homes on speculation.  This means that we do not have the risk and the interest expense of holding product.  Therefore we do not have to add that risk and cost into the cost of construction.

Efficient from the Design – We took the time to plan our homes from the time we put pen to paper to ensure we were not adding cost to a home with out adding value as well.

Low Overhead – We have very few employees, and the staff that we do have is paid mostly on production.  This means that we don’t have to add a significant cost to each house for overhead.

Limited Floor Plans – Although we allow our customers to make small changes to their future homes, the basic frame work of the homes remain the same.  Therefore, we do not have to go through a new learning curve on each home that we build.  We have built the home many times and can schedule and build the home extremely efficiently in materials and time.

Quick Construction – A streamline system of scheduling, no changes once construction begins and efficiencies from having previously building the home saves time and money.


I hope this gives you a better understanding of
what we have done.

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