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Last Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Good is finding the house you’ve always had your eye on. Good is walking in and seeing your dream kitchen, more storage than you’ve ever imagined, and enough bathrooms to handle Monday mornings without a fight.

Great is finding out that you can actually afford it.
Great is help choosing a mortgage that lets you sleep well in that new home. Great is fast processing and on-time closing.

At CME, we make finding the right mortgage, applying for it and processing it easy and painless.

  • Personal service and advice from knowledgeable mortgage professionals
  • Fast, easy application process, online or in person
  • Pre-approvals so you know how much house you can afford before you go house shopping
  • Refinancing of your existing mortgage

Real Estate Loans Brochure

CME Bridge Loan
Want to buy a house, but need a little help with the down payment? A CME Bridge Loan can help. You use the equity in your current home to increase the down payment on your new home. It’s truly a bridge between your old home and your new life!

  • No monthly payment: interest accrues, and the bridge loan is due upon the sale of the home
  • Term is up to 6 months with the possibility of a one-time 3-month extension upon request
  • Available when new home will be your primary residence, and is financed through CME

CME Construction Loan
Build your dream home from scratch. If you want your dream home built to your dream-like specifications, there's only one way to get it: have someone build that home from the ground up .....right down to the built-in bookshelves and custom kitchen.

With a CME construction loan, you get the money you need to have your home built the way you want. 

CME Fixed-Rate Mortgages
A fixed-rate mortgage is predictable. Your payments are always the same for the life of the loan, no matter what the markets may decide to do with interest rates.

  • 10-,15- and 30-year terms with low closing costs
  • Down payment requirements as low as 10%

CME Adjustable-Rate Mortgages
Adjustable mortgages are for people who are always looking for a bargain. The rate starts out lower—often several percentage points lower—than a typical fixed-rate loan, so you can afford more house for the same payment.

But what really makes a CME adjustable-rate mortgage great is the extremely low “margin” on the loan. Margin is the amount used to determine your new rate at each adjustment period. That means your CME loan will be lower than other mortgage providers.

  • 1/1 ARM, 3/1 ARM, 5/1 ARM
  • Semi-Annual ARM
  • Down payment requirement as low as 10%

CME Closed-End Home Equity Loan
With a closed-end home equity loan, you get one lump sum to pay off high interest debt, finish that remodeling project, or even pay off your car. How you use the money is up to you. The great part is you can borrow the money and pay less per month than with other equity loans or lines of credit.

  • Fixed or Variable rate - your choice!
  • 5-, 10-, 15-year term for fixed rate
  • 20-year term for variable rate
  • Line of credit - use it as you need it
  • No annual fee
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Minimal closing costs

CME Home Equity Line of Credit
A home equity line of credit may become your best friend. Even though it’s based on the equity you’ve built up in your home, you’re not restricted to using it on just your home! A HELOC can be used to finance a vacation, wedding, college, consolidate your debts…almost anything you can think of (yes, including home improvements).

With a HELOC, you borrow only what you need at any given time, and pay interest only on the amount you’ve drawn. When you make payments, you replenish your credit line. And since it’s a loan against your home, the interest you pay may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor to be sure, though).

Variable Rate Option
Line of Credit
No Annual Fees
No Prepayment Penalty

  • Low interest rate—as low as 4.00% APR

Make your home great. Call us, visit any branch, or apply online for a CME mortgage or home equity line of credit today.

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