We Offer:
  • Patrol
  • 24/7 Alarm Response
  • House Checks
  • Arrival Preparation
Last Updated: Dec 4, 2021

  Menu of Services 

Concierge Service                                                        

      Key holding


      Notary and fax service

      Access to ALL of our services for an additional fee, including house checks, arrival preparation, winterization, turn water valves on/off, hauling trash, coordinating contractors, service persons, etc

  24 hour Alarm Response                                           

  • 24 hour response to your monitored alarm system

 Exterior House Check                                                  

•     Everything in Concierge Service above, plus drive by checks at random intervals AND WEEKLY PERIMETER CHECKS of all accessible areas of your home.

Weekly House Check                                                    

      Everything in Concierge Service and Exterior House Check above, plus routine drive by checks at random intervals AND WEEKLY INTERIOR HOME INSPECTIONS of all accessible areas of your home & FREE 24 hr. alarm response


These  A La Carte services are also available….


  • Arrival prep - turn on heat & water, disarm alarm or open house for guests
  • Disarm /re-set alarm for contractors, housecleaners, etc.
  • Draining inside water lines
  • Waiting at house with deliveryman/cable company, etc.
  • Trash Disposal
  • Moving trash cans to & from street
  • Coordinating outside service providers
  • Referrals to outside service providers
  • Smoke detector battery replacement
  • Finding & mailing a lost or forgotten item at the house
  • Recieve & deliver packages
  • Newspaper delivered to the front door


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