We Offer:
  • Gas/Wood Fireplaces & Stoves
  • Installation, Inspection & Maintenance
  • Barbecues, Patio Furniture & Fire Tables
  • Hot Tubs & Pools
  • Water Care Center
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Comox Fireplace & Patio, North Vancouver Island’s number one choice for hearth and patio retail products – since 1995.

We are successfully recognised as leaders in safety, reliability, support and most importantly, long-term customer care and satisfaction.


Our priority is you, and our focus is our products. We stop at nothing to make that possible.

Energy efficiency and design innovation are two of the foundational ingredients we seek from all our manufacturing partners throughout western Canada. While purchasing factory direct in large quantities keeps our pricing most competitive, our experienced on-staff technicians will ensure your product operates safely and performs precisely as it should.

Our in-store warranty is unsurpassed in the industry providing readily available parts, knowledgeable support staff and extremely skilled technicians all at your request to provide you with a warm fuzzy guarantee for life!

Proud to be a part of your warm memories.

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