Last Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Problems with posture, joints and the nervous system can have a debilitating effect on nearly every aspect of health from digestion and the senses to the immune system and even thought processes.

To achieve optimal health, all body functions  must align properly to work at their highest level. Misalignment of joints causes nerve stress. The major contributing factors to stress are physical, chemical and emotional. Physical stresses include abnormalities or injuries. Chemical stresses include environmental toxins, drugs, and improper nutrition.

A chiropractor focuses on detecting these stress factors and correcting the problems of misalignment (also known as subluxation). For example, a chiropractor can detect and relieve a problem in the spine where an abnormal position or movement of the vertebrae interferes with proper body function at many levels.

With proper spinal alignment, positive communication takes place between the nervous system and the body. Allowing it to operate naturally, achieving optimal health and wellness.



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