Alabama AG Credit


Our Roots

Are In Financing


With roots as deep as they are old, Alabama Ag Credit traces its history of rural mortgage financing back 100 years to when Congress passed legislation establishing the nationwide Farm Credit System, a network of cooperatively owned lending institutions. Generations later, Alabama Ag Credit continues to be a reliable and affordable source of financing for recreational land, farms, timber and forestry operations, agribusiness, equipment and livestock. 

  • Co-Operative Ownership: We are owned by our customers; therefore, we operate in their best interests.
  • Patronage Program: We return our earnings to our customer-stockholders in the form of patronage. The more we earn, the more patronage we pay. We've returned more than $67 million back to our borrowers since 2006.
  • Local Leadership: Our Board of Directors, who set our policies, are elected by our borrowers.