Last Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Lawyers are permitted to practise in all areas of law, but in reality, every lawyer has areas of law in which he or she is more experienced and comfortable.

How do you find the lawyer who is right for you?

First of all, it may be useful to ask people you trust for a referral. If someone from your family, a friend, or a business acquaintance is sufficiently pleased with their lawyer
to recommend him or her to you, then that lawyer will
merit consideration.

However, don't just accept the judgement of others. You should certainly contact that lawyer directly to form your own opinion.

This process in itself may be a valuable learning experience. Ask yourself: when you phone the lawyer to initiate contact, do you get through to the lawyer, or are you "screened off" by the staff? Of course at the time you call, the lawyer may be out of the office or meeting with another client.

If so, then you should leave a message requesting a call back. Does the lawyer return your call, and if so how soon?

If not for a day or two, then you must consider how
promptly you will be able to get a response if you need
urgent legal advice in the future.

When you do speak with the lawyer, discuss the type of services you need. Ask the lawyer how much of that type of law they do -- make sure that you do not retain a strictly real estate lawyer for your criminal defence, or vice versa.

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