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Executive Rug Cleaning in Oklahoma

You have found one of the only rug cleaning sources in Oklahoma. Established in 1994, Rodney Olson has been in the cleaning industry most of his life. At a young age he was taught to strive for high goals and perfection when performing any task set before him. He has kept those qualities as an adult and implemented them into his business. Soon after the business was opened, he was introduced to the art of cleaning and restoring rugs. It was during this time that Executive branched off into water and fire mitigation. In 1998 Executive Carpet Cleaning, Inc. changed the name to Executive Cleaning and Restoration. Rodney felt like this name would better explain exactly what the business could do for the customers. While restoring people's homes after the unfortunate water or fire loss, Rodney developed a passion for bringing their rugs back to a pre-loss condition. He has educated himself on how to identify, clean, and repair any type of rug.

In order to handle the demands of the rug restoration business, Rodney decided to build the most state-of-the-art washing facility in Oklahoma in 2003. This brought a great deal of joy to Rodney to be able to show the customer the exact process the rug goes through while at Executive Rug Cleaning. Not only does he handle the rug with the utmost care, he also educated the customer on the history and value of their rug. One of the greatest experiences is to see the expression on the customer's face when showing them their freshly washed and restored rug.


Since then the times have changed and so has the rug washing equipment at Executive. In 2010 Rodney invested $100,000 in time-saving equipment with a high quality of cleaning ability in order to provide the customer with a faster turnaround rate. This equipment has allowed Rodney to be even more productive so now he is able to reach out to numerous people across the state and assist them with their rug needs.

Not only does Rodney specialize in cleaning rugs of fine textiles, such as tapestries, flat weaves, wool, Oriental silks, Indian, Chinese, and Turkish rugs, he also cleans any type of designer or custom rugs. Executive is a member of The Association of Rug Care Specialist (ARCS) which was formed by the most influential members of the rug care cleaning industry. The goal at Executive is to strive for perfection, cultivate relationships, educate and completely satisfy the valued customer.


Opening Day: Monday to Friday Opening: 8:00 AM, Closing: 6:00 PM


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