Last Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Our job is one of environmental management. We rid your home or business of pests that can carry diseases or damage property, and we do it in a safe and cost effective manner. Through appropriate inspection and treatment we are able to correct or prevent any pest control problem ... and our services are guaranteed in writing !

Top Quality Management
WILSON’S Quality Assurance Manager is responsible to insure that the level of service required by our clients and the WILSON’S TERMITE and ENVIRONMENTAL'S service standards are being met. Random audits and constant monitoring of key quality control factors are provided by our Quality Assurance Department.

Quality Assurance
Our quality assurance personnel communicate with and visit our customers on a regular basis to insure that our pest management program is providing you total satisfaction. Our in-house Training and Safety Director is also available to answer any unusual pest concerns which may arise.

Technical Expertise
A WILSON’S Pest Management Professional is an expert in the area of pest management. Our Initial Training Program is intensive, both in the classroom and in the field. We are constantly increasing the knowledge of all of our Associates through training programs, conducted by our Training and Safety Director as well as State and National Trade Association Training Seminars. All field representatives are Verifiable Trained Applicators (Managers and Technicians) and are required to take and pass Certification courses.

Integrated Pest Management or IPM is the foundation of the WILSON’S TERMITE and ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Management Philosophy. IPM is a process for solving pest problems that involves six steps:

  1. Inspection done by experienced technicians and management personnel.

  2. Identification of the suspected pest by knowledgeable technicians with
    assistance from the technical support staff.

  3. Application of non-chemical approaches to the pest concerns using sealing,
    exclusion, sanitation recommendations, etc.

  4. Application of pest management materials using the least amount of the most
    effective material
    with safety as the primary factor for choice.

  5. Continual monitoring of the program for maximum effectiveness. With zero pest
    population as primary objective.

  6. Complete communication between you, and Wilson's regarding your IPM program.

Consulting Services
For special situations where technical expertise is needed, such as when working with government and other regulatory agencies, or when unusual or difficult pest concerns arise, our Training and Safety Director is available to assist you.

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