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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Looking after your eyes - Five Top Tips

  • Visit an optometrist regularly. Optometrists are professionally trained not only to test sight and prescribe glasses and contact lenses; they can also spot eye problems and treat infections.
  • Be "eye aware" - make sure to check each of your eyes one at a time, and if you notice any changes, consult your optometrist
  • Parents, keep an eye on your children - don't forget, they don't know what "normal" vision is, so watch out for signs that there may be problems. These include instances where children's eyes appear not to work together, if they rub their eyes often or if they seem to shut one eye to see more clearly.
  • Contact lens wearers - never wear anyone else's lenses, wash them in tap water or sleep in them (unless your optometrist says you can)
  • Buy good quality, dark sunglasses - Sunlight can damage the retina and the lens of the eye, and we risk causing long-term damage to our eyesight. Good sunglasses don't need to be expensive: you can purchase perfectly adequate protective sunglasses from high street stores.  Look out for glasses carrying the "CE" Mark and British Standard BS EN 1836:1997, which ensures that the sunglasses offer a safe level of UV protection
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