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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2021
Whatever your water problem, Culligan® has a solution.
Your local Culligan Man has the training and expertise to prescribe the right system to solve your water problems. With over 50 years of experience treating the water problems of the Northeast you can rest assured your local Culligan Man can solve your water problems.
Read about some common water problems below or
have your local Culligan Man come perform
a free in-home water analysis
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Stop Seeing Spots.
Call Culligan.

Do you see soap scum and mineral buildup on glassware, bathtubs, showers, shower doors, fixtures, clothes and anything else that comes in contact with your water?

A Culligan Water Softener will remove the hardness minerals (calcium chloride and magnesium chloride) in your water that cause these problems leaving everything in your house softer, smoother, cleaner and more efficient.



Bad Tasting
Or Smelly Water


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Stop Smelling Your Water.
Call Culligan.

Does your water smell fishy, earthy or woody? Can you smell and/or taste the chlorine in your water? Does your water smell like rotten eggs?

Culligan has water treatment systems to remove all kinds of impurities, whether it be a whole house carbon filter, a reverse osmosis system, a sulfur removal system or something else, your local Culligan Man will put together a system that will work for you.

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Stop Rusting Away.
Call Culligan.

Does your water leave behind a reddish brown stain on drains and fixtures?


Unsightly, hard to clean red stains are the result of excessive iron and left untreated will stain everything that the water comes in contact with. Your local Culligan Man can custom design a system to take care this problem and keep you from getting all rusty.

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Stop Springing Leaks.
Call Culligan.

Does your water leave behind a green stain?

Green or blue-green stains are the result of acidic (low ph) water. This blue-green stain that can be very difficult to clean is only the start of the problem. The stain is actually dissolved copper from your pipes and left untreated it can cause leaks in your plumbing. Your local Culligan Man can custom design a system to take care of this problem and keep you from springing leaks.


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