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Last Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Kjellberg Carpet One


If you are in the market for new flooring, look at Carpet One Floor & Home for flooring information solutions.  Carpet One Floor & Home has been in business for over twenty years and with over one thousand locations throughout the United States and Canada there is sure to be a Carpet One Floor & Home near you to suit your needs.  As the name implies, Carpet One Floor & Home is a retailer of carpet but we also have flooring information on hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, resilient flooring and area rugs.  Not only does Carpet One Floor & Home provide quality flooring but we also pride ourselves in superb customer service.

Carpet One Floor & Home's dedication to excellence is evident in our customer service policies and convenience.  If you are one of the many who don't have time to shop several different stores, rest assured that you are getting flooring information that includes the best possible price for both the flooring and the installation.  You can even get samples, purchase your order and schedule installation without ever coming into the store, an incredible convenience when shopping for carpet, tile or hardwood flooring.

Pricing is a factor in everything and Carpet One Floor & Home has you covered there.  Because of our size, we have enormous buying power with some of the largest carpet, tile, hardwood and other flooring manufacturers in the world.  The savings then gets passed on you for the best value in flooring solutions.  You can even get financing options to ensure you get the flooring of your dreams and it's easy on your budget.

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