Last Updated: May 29, 2020

Beneficial Home Inspections in Central New York

Serving  Apex and surrounding  areas.
The property buying process doesn't need to be stressful and complicated. Choosing a qualified, honest, and experienced home inspector that can give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make 
sound real estate purchasing decisions. Before selling your home we highly recommend a pre-listing home inspection to bring deficiencies to your attention before a potential buyers inspector discovers them. Here at Beneficial Home Inspection, our comprehensive inspections and commitment to honesty and accuracy bring peace of mind to every client.  This is how we can honestly say that we operate with integrity. To us, it's not just a's a way of life. Beneficial "A name you can trust."
Why You Should Have a Home Inspection?
1. To protect your biggest investment.
2. Educate yourself about the house your going to purchase.  A home inspection points things out that you may not be  aware of.
3. Discover potential problems before you list your property with a pre-listing inspection, this may help you get your full asking price.
4. A good home inspector will tell you things your realtor simply may not know.  We work for you the client and only you.
5. We offer you a non-biased third party professional evaluation of your potentially new home or of your exsiting home.
6. Discover hidden problems before you purchase them, this may help you at the negotiation
7. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
At Beneficial Home Inspections, we take the time to do the job right. We spend time with you, clearly explaining our findings, giving you real answers that can help you make the right decision. We understand how important a real estate purchase is to you. We don't consider a job to be complete until all of your questions are answered.
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