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Last Updated: Apr 1, 2020

carpet residential 


You’re getting serious about carpeting your home. Great! You’ve come to the right place to learn all about the various types of carpet available.


With the wide array of carpeting available today, it’s easy to suit your taste and find a flooring solution for the way you live.


Choosing the best carpet is really about finding the right combination of aesthetics, performance and budget to best meet the needs of your lifestyle.


But you want to shop smart -- right?

For example, looped Berbers and high twist friezes perform wonderfully in high traffic areas, but an elegant Saxony in the same area may show footprints.


We created this section to help you get smart before your carpet is laid down -- and long before you lay down your money!


So please read on, carpet shopper, check out these tips and get the upper hand on the flooring that may soon be underfoot.


It seems that seams are inevitable.

carpet seam

Carpet is available in 12’, 15’ and sometimes 13’ widths. Unless the room to be carpeted is narrower than these widths, the carpet will be seamed. With looped or low-profile patterned carpet you may have visible or peaked seams. The degree of their visibility depends on texture, color, lighting and furniture placement.


Warning! Bends and loops ahead.

carpet on stairs

Be aware that, as carpet bends over stairs, its backing may show depending on texture and color. Plus, you should know that looped carpet can snag, particularly at a seam or at a carpet transition. But never fear, in the Carpet Floor Care section we provide information on how to properly care for looped carpet.


Carpet has a one-track mind.

The nap of all carpets run in one direction. Pile reversal, or shading, is a normal characteristic of many cut pile style carpets. This can be particularly apparent with plush carpet. If this becomes an issue, consider window treatments and furniture placement as a way to minimize this affect.



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