We Offer:
  • Seniors Estate Residence
  • In Home Nursing Care Ltd.
  • LPN Certified Footcare
  • LPN's, PCW's, CCA's & Housekeeping
Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016

 Treasured Memories Seniors Estate Residence

*Meeting all your needs & requirements as they arise*


-         24hr Supervision

-         Medication Supervision

-         Home Cooked meals and snacks

-         All private rooms with 2pc bathrooms

-         Respite rooms

-         and much more…





Treasured Memories In Home Nursing Care Ltd.

*Services provided in the comfort of your own home*


-         Registered and Bonded provider of private clients, Veterans Affairs Canada, Blue Cross/Other Insurance, Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.

-         LPN’s, PCW’s, CCA’s, & Housekeeping

-        Serving Yarmouth & Shelburne Counties



Special service available…

LPN Certified Footcare for private clients/Veterans Affairs Canada/Insurance

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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