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Last Updated: Dec 11, 2018

With more than 18 years of law practice under her belt, Kathleen S. Davis has a thorough understanding of legal process and protocol, and the well-honed skills to get things done efficiently and correctly. Her knowledge and practical approach simply inspire confidence.

Together with her team of talented, experienced and dedicated legal assistants, KSD Law delivers a unique brand of law that melds competitively priced yet highly competent services with high-touch customer care.

When you choose KSD Law, you get far more than a top-notch lawyer. You also get…

Honest, predictable fees
With KSD Law, the price you’re quoted is the price you pay. No surcharges. No add-ons. All-inclusive disbursements. Just one reasonable flat fee. Sound simple? It is.

Hassle-free appointments
We understand that you’re busy. So we do everything within our power to start and end client meetings at their scheduled times. Considerate, efficient, and reliable service underlies our promise of ‘law made simple’.

Direct, responsive communication
When you enlist the services of KSD Law, Kathleen S. Davis will personally attend your appointments, you’ll have direct phone access to her and a designated legal assistant, and you’ll enjoy prompt, open communication on all matters that need your involvement.

We’ll handle the details, and keep you informed
Most legal processes and transactions involve a lot of steps, a lot of people, a lot of paper and a lot of attention to minutiae… little of which the client needs to know about. When you put your legal needs in the hands of KSD Law, you can trust that everything necessary will be taken care of. Whatever you need to know, we’ll tell you in simple, practical terms. As for the rest? Relax, we’re on it.


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