Last Updated: Aug 16, 2022



What is a Title Commitment?

A Title Commitment is First American Title Insurance Company's commitment it issue a title insurance policy to you and/or your lender.  The Title Commitment contains the terms and conditions upon which we will issue our policy.

What is a Title Policy?                                                                                        

There are two kinds of policies.  An Owner's Title Policy is our guarantee that we will either defend you in a lawsuite or indemnify you for any loss you may encounter as a result of a title defect.   The Loan Title Policy, required by your Lender, protects your lender just as the Owner's Title Policy protects you.

Why Title Insurance?

Title Insurance is Risk Elimination Insurance, and required that you pay a one time premium ONLY.  Title Insurance is designed to protect you from being subjected to any unforeseen surprises.  The first step in guaranteeing your protection is a title search. 

By investigation of all county records on your property, a title search can verify the seller's right to transfer ownership, locate any claims, assessments, errors or miscellaneous defects on the property and virtually eliminate the risk factor for the buyer.

Title Insurance is your safeguard.  It can save you trouble, time and money.  It acts as a shield to guard you against potential claims brought against your property.  If your ownership becomes threatened by any claim covered in your policy we will negotiate to settle the claim and if necessary defend your title in court.

Additionally, we will be responsible for most legal costs incurred while defending your title.  If your property title is threatened, you can rest easy knowing you are safe when you are insured by First American Title Insurance Company.


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