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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2021


Feeling “at home” is a really great feeling. It’s when we feel safe and warm and in harmony with the world. Our goal at Mortgage Alliance is to make you feel at home. When you work with us to finance your home, we will help you select a mortgage that not only meets your payment and equity objectives but helps you achieve other financial goals as well.

We’ll help you use your mortgage as a smart investment tool – money you can leverage to achieve your life’s goals. We’re not here to help you once, we’ll be here to help you stay on track. We have lots of services that ensure you’re on the best loan program for you – at the right rate.

Kent Fox has a long history in the Fredericton Business Community. For many years he was the successful Franchise owner of Marks Work Wearhouse in Fredericton until he took early retirement in 2000. Not one to be idle, he took on the position as General Manager of the Fredericton Exhibition Ltd. for the period of one year to help the Not For Profit organization move forward for a possible development of a Trade and Convention Center to be built on this site.Kent also obtained his Real Estate License in 2002 for the educational experience and shortly there after attained his Mortgage Brokers License. Kent welcomes you to call him at any time for a consultation.

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