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Last Updated: Nov 18, 2019

About Century 21 John Anthony

At Century 21, we are committed to understanding our customers' personal goals and needs; providing our customers with service that is The Gold Standard. The gold standard is universally recognized by all cultures as the ultimate symbol of quality and security. Just as the gold standard is understood by all cultures, the agents of John Anthony Agency understand the values and needs of people of all cultures. The key to their success lies in the diversity of agents collaboratively working to sell the American dream.

Located at the crossroads of New Jersey in northern Middlesex County, the agents of John Anthony Agency in Edison, New Jersey are as culturally and ethically diverse as the customers they tirelessly serve. Agents in the office are native to China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Although they have come from all parts of the world, they are all involved members of the community and bring with them the knowledge of what their future neighbors will look for in their next home.

The ability of the agents to make people of all backgrounds feel comfortable when they call or visit John Anthony Agency is truly an asset to everyone in the office. Through ads in their native language in community newspapers, they have helped to introduce all the agents in the office to customers that they ordinarily would never have an opportunity to serve. Diversity at John Anthony Agency has educated all the agents to the individual values and needs of the various cultures that call central New Jersey home. As the agents work together to make the American dream of home ownership a reality for our future neighbors, their collaboration is breaking down cultural division as we begin the 21st Century. 

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