Last Updated: Jan 23, 2019

The rooms in your house should reflect your own personal taste. Three main categories of a rooms décor are traditional, contemporary, and country with many variations. Regardless of the style you prefer, most people lean toward either a casual or formal decorating style. For example, do you want to convey easygoing and relaxed or gracious and timeless?

  A formal attitude uses lustrous materials like brass, crystal, marble, dark woods with glossy, polished finishes, such as cherry, walnut and mahogany. Tightly woven upholstery and shiny finish leathers complete this look. Were as a casual attitude creates a relaxed room atmosphere by using matte (non-shiny) finishes and textures. Using stone, aged metals, baskets and textured pottery for accessories.

  What makes a room truly comfortable? The answer is more than just great furniture, it’s the right colors, size, fit, positioning of furnishings and accessories. Choosing colors for private areas may be different from those for a home’s more common areas. Warm colors are good choices for the high usage rooms, such as family or dining rooms. Rich jewel tones (sapphire, emerald) lend a more formal tone.

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