Last Updated: Jan 23, 2019

When you really consider it, car insurance is all about reliable service. Anyone who has felt the impact of a car accident or has fallen victim to auto theft can tell you that it’s a stressful experience. When the unexpected happens, emotions run high and feelings of uncertainty take over. That’s why you can rely on Intact Insurance for immediate auto insurance assistance and sound advice.

Intact Insurance representatives are available any time - day or night - to take your call and help you file the insurance claim as soon as possible*. You’ll feel good about choosing Intact Insurance knowing that in the event of a claim, we will take your word for it*. That means, when you call us to report your auto insurance claim, we will confirm your deductible and start the process so you can resume your regular routine sooner.

One bill. One payment. One renewal date. It’s that easy!

By combining home and auto insurance with Intact Insurance, you will enjoy the best value for your dollar. You’ll save money on both types of insurance, while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of paying just one bill. There’s only one deductible to apply if you need to make simultaneous claims on both your home and auto insurance. Talk to your broker about My Home and Auto® today.

Responsible Driver Guarantee®

We believe that good drivers should be rewarded with more than just preferred rates — that's the reason you can benefit from our Responsible Driver Guarantee®. Should you ever find yourself facing your first at-fault accident, you're auto insurance premium won't go up as a result. Additionally, your driving record will remain intact as you continue to hold an insurance policy with us — and your Claims-Free Renewal Discount won't change either.*

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