Last Updated: Jan 20, 2019

High Level Christian Academy is an accredited funded private school. All of our teachers hold a valid Alberta teaching certificate. We follow the Alberta curriculum, but we teach each subject from a Christian perspective. This allows students to develop a Christian world view and become grounded in Christian principals. We also incorporate devotions, chapels and Bible classes into our program. HLCA offers small class sizes so that students can receive valuable one on one attention from their teachers. Also, there are computers in each classroom and we have a fully equipped computer lab where students learn Word, Excel, Power Point, Website design and Graphing.

Our philosophy is learning through play. Children learn best by being actively involved in concrete situations. Learning through play builds a bridge from symbolically interacting with materials to their real way of working. Through play and work centers children lean to explore, experiment, compare, predict, as well as develop their social skills. God has made each child unique and they may have abilities which are different from those of other children. We need to make each child aware that, in God's eyes, he or she is special. Each child is developing physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and creatively. Parents have the ultimate responsibility to educate their children. Your child's achievement improves when you as a parent are involved in their education. Parents are kept informed through monthly and weekly newsletters of ECS activities. You have the opportunity to be actively involved by coming in to help with supervising, make games, putting up bulletin displays and helping on field trips. ECS is the foundation to a child's education. We aim to create an atmosphere that will develop a love and enthusiasm for God's Word and God's principles while providing a program that prepares them for grade one.

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