Last Updated: Feb 26, 2024

Our Company

Ironclad Title, LLC, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, is a Limited Liability Corporation registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State. As a Lake Charles real estate title company, Ironclad Title is wholly owned and operated by Robichaux, Mize, Wadsack & Richardson, LLC, Attorneys at Law.

Attorneys John F. “Jack” RobichauxJohn F. WadsackJared L. WatsonMargaret A. "Peggy" Sabadie, and Landon R. G. Roberts have a combined total of over 87 years experience with emphasis in title examination.  Attorneys John F. “Jack” RobichauxJohn F. Wadsack, and Jared L. Watson are also licensed title insurance agents.  These attorneys are responsible for examinations and Title opinions based on title searches of the public records in accordance with standards established by law and local practices.  They also oversee the preparation of all legal documents and the issuance of all title insurance commitments and policies.

Ironclad Title, a Lake Charles title company, has over 15 employees. Among those employees are 2 abstractors with 22 years of experience and a legal assistant with 30 years of experience. In addition, there are 3 experienced real estate closers on staff with a combined total of over 50 years experience.

Ironclad Title, LLC acknowledges and affirms that they have the experience, resources and financial stability to prepare legal documents, loan closings, and resolve the various issues that may arise in real estate transactions.

No material inquiries, investigations or litigation have been instituted against our organization, whether current or concluded, related to the conduct of our organization, our organization’s management, or any employee or official associated with our organization.  Please be advised that our organization is in good standing with the Federal Government and LA Attorney General Office.

In addition, we have never had a claim filed with any of the Title Insurance Companies that we are agents for with respect to any title policy which our attorneys have issued, being over 10,000 policies.

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