Last Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Holistic Internal Medicine; State of the Art Palmer Chiropractic Method, a 100 year old technique. Headache and Vertigo Specialist; Seizures; Peripheral Neuropathy ; Excellent Low Back and Neck Pain resolution; Dr. Melville was trained by the best Doctor of Chiropractic and Holistic Internist in the nation.; Chiropractic: NEW LIFE figures out your exact unique spinal blueprint which is unique to you. Everyone's adjustment protocol is different. No guesswork. Blood and Urine analysis with Pharmaceutical-grade natural compounds to resolve 99% of Internal Disorders: High BP, Blood lipids, etc. 99% success rate with migraine headaches and 100% success rate with vertigo. Infants: seizures and colic. Scoliosis specialist. State of the Art Food Allergy Testing via computerized blood analysis 237 foods = mild, moderate and severe ratings of food allergies (Olympic Athletes are doing this Food Allergy test to increase performance + the foods you are allergic to are making you fat); Hair Analysis for heavy metals; Massage Therapy: Three Female Massage Therapists. First Massage Introductory offer is $25 1 hr. professional Massage, then join the Club and Massages are $45 or $40 each;

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