Last Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Our Name Says it All!

ad·vanced |ad-vanst, ad-vahnst| adjective: in the front or before others, as regards progress or
ideas; as, advanced opinions, advanced thinkers.
fund·ing |fúnd-ing| noun.: financial resources provided to make some project possible.
home |hohm| noun.: one’s own dwelling place; the house in which one lives.
mort·gage |mawr-gij| noun.: a conditional conveyance of property as security.
loans |lón| verb.: the act of lending.

Since 1994, Advanced Funding has been a leader in providing quality mortgage products to homeowners and future homeowners alike. We combine the use of technology, impeccable service, a dynamic management team along with a well trained and experienced staff to produce results, such as great rates, low fees and most importantly, a fast and pleasant mortgage loan experience.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Advanced Funding has been providing a variety of mortgage services that assists with nearly any mortgage loan situation.

From the onset, we have focused on providing loan programs to those seeking competitive rates, low fees, and innovative lending solutions. It’s our experienced executives, operating staff, and mortgage loan advisors that are committed to delivering unparalleled products and service.

Advanced Funding is an Accredited Business with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a member of  NAMB, The Association of Mortgage Professionals, and a member of the Utah Association of Mortgage Professionals.

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