We Offer:
  • de-clutter, organize, rearrange, and re-define spaces;
  • manage their papers: bills, files, mail;
  • move from one residence and "settle-into" a new one;
  • simplify their activity and time commitments; and,
  • sustain these changes made in their lives.
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2024

Eleanor Brody helps people reduce stress by bringing harmony, order, and serenity into their lives. She works with people of all ages, providing confidential, friendly, non-judgmental advice and assistance personalized to each individual's needs, preferences and style.

She is a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers—New England, a part-time Reference Librarian at the Morse Institute Library in Natick, MA and a former pre-school teacher.

Thoughts from Clutter Clear

Slow down! Limit the activities in your life and in those of your family.

Let every person (over 3 years of age) share responsibility for keeping their home clean, neat, and organized.

Save money and time – grocery shop only once a week. This applies to on-site and on-line shopping, to families of all sizes, and to individuals.

Aim for a "neat-enough" home! If floors, rooms and surfaces are picked–up and uncluttered, your home is "neat enough".

At least once a week buy nothing at all from any source — in-store, catalog or on-line. However, do not "make-up" another day for the no-purchase day!  

Provide wastebaskets throughout the home. Teach everyone how to use them, when and where to empty them, and to return them to where they belong.  

Reduce paper coming into your home by cancelling subscriptions to at least two (2) consumer, leisure, news or popular magazines each year. Public libraries lend most of these items.

Practice your equivalent of "smelling the roses" often.

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