Last Updated: Mar 26, 2023

 Experienced Illinois Attorneys Provide You with Diligent Legal Representation

Come to us for litigation, business matters and family law in Southern Illinois
When seeking exceptional legal service for yourself or for your business, there is one firm that you can always trust: Sharp-Hundley, P.C. Founded in 1973, we have decades of experience and a reputation for superior, comprehensive service. Our lawyers are driven to succeed in every case they take on.
Decades of legal experience at work for you
Why should you come to Sharp-Hundley, P.C.? The reasons are as varied as the areas in which we practice. Our team of respected lawyers embodies such important qualities as:
Experience. Our lawyers have years of legal experience in areas ranging from litigation to family law. Additionally, their record of decisions, publications and seminars is extremely impressive, easily outnumbering what would be expected of a dozen fellow legal professionals.
Respect. Our attorneys come highly recommended by their clients, lawyer-rating agencies and other attorneys.  Indeed, many other lawyers come to us for representation when they have their own legal needs. Additionally, we believe strongly in treating our clients with respect and dignity throughout the entire legal process, from consultation to litigation.
Integrity. Our attorneys work constantly to maintain their integrity and truly help people. Every decision they reach is a result of hard work and dedication.
Competence. Our firm has received and maintained its AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, a reflection of the highest ethical standards and our superior legal ability.
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