Last Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Why Am I Offering You 5 Outrageous Guarantees—No Other Contractor Ever


(Hint: The Answer Below May Surprise You)


Because—I am so confident you’ll be amazed by my superior service and quality–That I can afford to put my money where my mouth is.

I’m sick and tired of bad contractors in this town.  Contractors who come in and don’t finish the job even after they’ve been paid.  Contractors who work in your home and leave a big mess—even in the rooms they are not working in.

Has this ever happened to you?  You come home at the end of a long day to find tools, empty bottles of water and soda or dust and dirt everywhere? Even in the areas supposedly not under construction?

Ever been late to work because you were waiting for a contractor to show up and he never did?  He said he’d be there at 8am—but come 9am or 10am he is no where to be found?

My 6 BOLD Promises

1.) If My Guy’s Don’t Show Up On Time And Smell Good Everyday–I’ll Hand You $30–Each Day.

I respect and guarantee your time in a way no one else will.  I pay a fine — to you — anytime we are late.

2.) If Your House Isn’t As Clean As We Left It At The End Of Each Day–I’ll Hand You $40.

There is no excuse for leaving a mess at the end of the day.  We are guests in your home.  I guarantee that your home will be left as clean as we found it—at the end of each day.

3.) The Only Two Year Guarantee On Workmanship

If work does not stand the test of time it isn’t good work.  Ever remodeled your bathroom and had something go wrong? Like have the sink fall down a month after the work was supposedly finished?–ever try to get the guy who did the work come back and fix it?  Not an easy task.

If it isn’t going to stand up to the test of time–it isn’t good workmanship.  Unfortunately no other contractor I know of will offer you an entire two year guarantee on workmanship.

If you have a problem–I want to fix it.  I am so confident in the quality of my workmanship that I guarantee all our work for two years.  If you have any problem at all no matter how small it is— I’ll come back and fix it for you right.

4.) Close Supervision

I make sure I am there to closely supervise each job.  Many contractors come down to charm you on the “estimate” and then—you never see them again.  They just give a technician you’ve never met free reign of your house.  The contractor is just too busy rushing on to the next job.

5.) Tile Expert

A kitchen or bathroom renovation can be ruined by a bad tile job.  I’ve been laying tile for over 25 years.  Don’t cut corners here.  You want a quality tile installation from someone with the experience to do it right.  A lot of contractors “just wing it” and don’t take the time to lay-out and install tile correctly.

6.) The Only Phone Call You EVER Need to Make—And I ACTUALLY Mean It

A lot of contractors claim to be the only phone call you will ever need to make.  But, all of a sudden it’s up to you to find an electrician, a plumber a roofer ect.

This is so the contractor doesn’t have to take any responsibility for the subcontractors you will need.  I have a close relationship with any subcontractor we might require–these are people I trust and who’s work I know well– I won’t just dump a stranger on you.

Fill out the form on the side-bar for a FREE In Home Consultation.  Due to demand I can’t offer all of these unique amazing promises forever.   Fill Out The Form above NOW and we’ll call you for a FREE In Home Consultation or Call Me Today (575) 208-4112

Sincerely, Jeremy Torres

Call Me (575) – 208 – 4112

P.S. You really don’t want to miss the opportunity to work with the only contractor who can promise to 1.) Show up on time everyday or pay you $30 2.) Leave your home as clean as he found it at the end of each day—or pay you $40 dollars 3.) Closely Supervise the work and really be the only phone call you ever need to make . Don’t delay–Call or fill out the form below today for a FREE In home consultation while I can still offer these amazing guarantees.


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