Last Updated: May 23, 2024

Mortgage Loans

Financing Your Home

Before you are ready to purchase a home, you’ll want to talk with our home loan experts.

We can help you determine a home price that will fit your budget, and more importantly, a payment that is comfortable. We’ll even take a few minutes, gather some basic information, and pre-qualify you for a purchase.

Pre-Qualify first - Realtors will know you’re serious if you’ve taken the time to pre-qualify with your bank. At this point, you are prepared to shop. You know the price range that works with your budget. And, since you’re pre-qualified, we’ll be able to more quickly get you in your new home!

  • You can finance your home with a fixed-rate mortgage loan, and a fixed monthly payment that will never change.
  • Or, you can finance using an adjustable-rate mortgage loan, with a payment that will adjust with an index. An adjustable-rate loan makes sense if you are planning to be in your home only for a few years.

Refinancing Your Home

Let us help with refinancing your home! Talk with our home loan experts!

  • Lower your payments or take extra money that can be used for home improvements, travel or other needs.
  • In many cases, your payment and payoff changes very little.
  • As you pay down your mortgage loan, refinancing allows you to consolidate other debts into your mortgage loan balance.
  • We can refinance your mortgage loan, even if it is currently with another institution.

Home Equity Line of Credit or Home Equity Loan

One of the most convenient and useful loans a homeowner can have is a home equity line of credit. It’s simply the best and more affordable loan you can ever have!

  • Simplifies the process of getting extra cash when you need it - whether it’s for home improvements, vacations, a new lawnmower, an extra vehicle, school expenses, appliances, or any family need.
  • Instead of getting a loan every time you need money, you can simply access your existing home equity line of credit.
  • Just write a check from your line of credit, whenever, and for whatever you need.
  • As you pay down your credit line, your balance is available for future needs. A home equity line can be tax deductible*.

For customers that prefer a separate loan for specific needs, home equity loans are also available. With a home equity loan, you’ll have a fixed payment for a fixed period of time. As with any home equity, you can use the funds for any financial need and your loan may be tax deductible*.

*Check with an accountant to learn if your home equity is tax deductible.

1st Time HomeBuyers

Let us know if you are a first-time home-buyer. We have financing options available! There’s also assistance available to help with closing costs.

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