New Buildings Ltd.


New Buildings Limited (NB) is one of the largest steel fabricators in Belize. NB has been in
operation for the past eighteen (18) years and has earned a vast amount of experience during this time on all aspects of structural steel buildings. NB is a very professional company and provides good quality of work. At NB, we embrace challenging designs as this makes us more creative.

In 2005 NB expanded the nature of the steel business to include crane service. This proved to be very effective and efficient for installation of structures and therefore reducing the rental cost to clients since all necessary equipment is available in-house. For the past eleven (11) years NB owns and operates three different sizes of cranes. The cranes are very reliable and have been recognized by Belize Natural Energy Limited as their primary source for crane service in Belize.
For small loads up to twelve (12) tons there is the Mack boom truck. For heavier and wider loads NB has both the fifty (50) ton capacity crane and the sixty-five-ton capacity crane. Some installations require the use of more than one crane simultaneously so the customers have only one stop to make when NB is contracted.