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LSD Architects


LSD was founded on the objective of developing unique architectural projects that focus on the everchanging condition of manmade-nature interaction.

Our process is devoted to creating sustainable architecture.  The space is developed through a lively dialogue among the project participants, our team of designers and consultants, the client and user groups and the larger community.

Our office is based in Tamarindo-Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s main tourist destination and fast growing location. This particular urban condition gives us the perfect scenario to envision the future growth of our countries main attraction, our coasts.

Each project is led by one of our founders, Rodolfo Tinoco or  Luis Mauricio Solis, and is supported by the other LSD team members working as project architects, drafters or construction managers.

Working with consulting engineers, we handle every project from conception to completion. Our experience allows us to provide the entire scope of services for a project, from pre-programming to on-site construction and management.