Last Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Mission Statement


- Equity Among Members
- Competitiveness
- Community Involvement
- Quality in Products and Services
- Convenience for Members
- Successful
- Service as appropriate
- Fair and Honest in Dealing
- Community Owned Lahave River Credit Union
Our Mission Statement
The Mission Statement for LaHave River Credit Union was developed from the above values, and reads as follows:
“LaHave River Credit Union is a
member owned, locally controlled financial institution committed to providing superior financial and social leadership to its membership and their community.”
The Board of Directors
For those of you who are unaware, we have a local Board of Directors elected each year at our annual meeting. New directors, as terms expire, are nominated and elected from the general membership for a three year term. LaHave River Credit Union strives to have equal representation on the Board from each county.
The Board of Directors have a responsibility to the law and to the members to ensure authority is exercised in a manner which serves the best interests of the organization.
In order to be eligible to serve as a Director of the LaHave River Credit Union, the individual must be a Canadian citizen, nineteen years of age and be a member of the credit union.
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