Last Updated: Jun 20, 2024

Our History

CCU was founded in 1936 with the goal of helping Corning Glass Works employees with their financial needs. We started with 42 members and $420 in assets. Over the years, we've opened offices in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, in addition to the 10 offices in the Corning/Elmira, New York area. We now serve over 108,000 members all over the world, with assets of over $1.4 billion. Our field of membership now includes more than 1,700 employer groups, associations, and businesses.

Our Future

For over a quarter of a century, CCU has experienced strong, safe, and continued growth through a total commitment to serving our members. The integrity of our time-tested, conservative business practices has led us to our current position of strength and will continue to provide a foundation for future growth. Our success is also assured by the continued support of our loyal members and by our employees, who genuinely care about our members’ well-being.


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