Last Updated: Jun 16, 2024

Founded in 1976 in response to a strong demand for innovative home furniture and kitchen designs, Wildwood Cabinets rapidly diversified into a wide range of products from kitchen cabinets to institutional furnishing and large multi-unit commercial cabinetry. With the recent addition of our lines of home appliances, we are pleased to be able to offer even more quality options to our customers. One of Eastern Canada's leading cabinet manufacturers, Wildwood offers complete solutions for all of our clients' needs.

Our team of award-winning designers maintain our philosophy of constant improvement and integration of the latest production and design technologies. Our company employs a team of more than a hundred in a state-of-the-art facility offering 55 thousand square feet of production space. These facilities allow us to produce custom-made high-quality products for residential, commercial and institutional uses.

Our customers are as diversified as our products, including homeowners, building contractors, project developers, public service institutions (schools, universities, hospitals), hotels retail vendors and multinational corporations.

Even with Wildwood's successes, the company has kept its personal touch and puts the needs of its customers first. This hands-on approach also fasters a stable and productive relation with our staff, assuring the quality and cost of our manufacturing processes. Wildwood Industries' trademark has become a well built innovative product and it remains our focus for the future.

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WildWood Cabinets.

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