Last Updated: Jul 22, 2024

Starting A Real Estate Career

A career in real estate means being a part of one of the most important industries in the world, employing millions of highly skilled professionals. Real estate agents play important roles in helping home buyers choose where to live, and helping home sellers to gain the most value from the homes into which they’ve invested both time and money. Successful real estate agents develop lifelong, trusted relationships with customers that span generations.

Real Estate Career Advice

A real estate career can be a rewarding choice for anyone, with almost any level of professional or educational achievement. What you have done or learned prior to your real estate career can contribute to your success as an agent, but the common elements in most successful real estate careers are a sincere focus on helping customers, a strong work ethic, and common-sense intelligence.

Your Own Path to Success

Real estate agents have a variety of backgrounds and beginning skill sets. Since Real Estate is primarily a service and relationship business, relatively few come from careers where “hard selling” is a part of the job. Those that enter the industry from “sales” positions often find it to be more fulfilling, both in terms of personal satisfaction and earnings.

Real estate agents are often professional business men and women who have decided to “work for themselves”. Many are recent graduates from school, just starting their careers. Others are active semi-retired individuals, with years of experience and much wisdom to offer. Still others are energetic “part time” agents that dedicate their efforts to a tighter circle of customers.

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