We Offer:
  • legal services
  • Real Estate
  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Contracts
  • Affidavits
Last Updated: Jul 6, 2020

What we do.

We offer a wide variety of legal services to the public. We specialize in Real Estate Transactions representing both Buyers and Sellers and Mortgages. In addition we also do Wills, Powers of Attorney, Contracts, and Affidavits amongst other things. We look forward to using our experience and expertise to help you in whatever way we can.


Our Office provides a wide range of legal services which are listed below

Represent you on your Residential Real Estate Purchase or Sale
Bank Mortgages and Bank Re-Finances
Private Mortgages
Powers of Attorney
Travel Letters
Certified True Copies of Documents
Insurance Loss Declarations
Letters of Invitation for Foreign Travel
Notarizations/Attestations of Signatures
Statutory Declarations
Representation Agreements
Business Purchase/Sale
Commercial Leases and Assignments of Leases
Contracts and Agreements
Easements and Rights of Way
Estate Planning
Execution/Authentication of International Documents
Health Care Declarations
Manufactured Home Transfers
Marine Bills of Sale and Mortgages
Personal Property Security Agreements
Commercial Real Estate Transfers
Restrictive Covenants
Subdivisions and Statutory Building Schemes

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