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The Guild allows you to tap into new customer bases by allowing your trade or service to be located online easily through not only our own search feature but by major search engines. Trading off our reputation builds your reputation.

Smart Modern Advertising and Support for your Business. This is all about local search, and we help you get there, telephone directory advertising is clearly fading, no coloured pages can offer you our package. Catch the wave of the future.

You get your own “Guild” web site, hosted by us with free domain registration, with our package you can still link another web site which will enable existing and potential clients to access both or all web sites directly. You will be able to add your custom web address to business cards and letter heads to give you a professional Trade Image.

Besides, linking to any other company web sites. Your site can give a summary of your company's specific products and services, Google maps, and include special offers or your latest promotions. Edits are free.

Your listing will be in a priority position on searches in your area, really getting you noticed. Live Google map, gallery of pictures, and E Coupon are all included. We take care of all the technical details even registering your company domain name for you. All you have to do is fill in the template forms and we do the rest. When finished your web site will automatically submitted to all major search engines, also meta key words and phrases will be added, and your website will be “optimized” in the local areas or neighbourhoods you select

More work for Guild members

Members of the public anxious to contact skilled craftsmen in many different trade categories seek assistance from The Guild of Professional Home Services. Institutions and organisations also require lists of contractors to whom they should submit tenders. To assist them, The Guild maintains a register of members which is constantly updated and a telephone help-line which ensures that enquiries are dealt with promptly and efficiently. The Guild and its affiliated companies have worked with thousands of Real Estate offices over the past decade. This special relationship built up over time, allows the Guild to promote its members directly to local real estate offices, building referral business for members.

Reducing the impact of differences with customers

Customer complaints are bad for business. Left unanswered they cause resentment, arouse hostility, and can easily tarnish a well earned reputation. Yet answered promptly, and with conviction, they can actually increase goodwill and open the door to new business. Customers are very appreciative of suppliers who listen to complaints and respond to genuine grievances with consideration and concern. In addition, prompt and efficient action in the early days of a dispute can prevent the problem escalating, and avoid incurring expensive legal fees. The Guild’s conciliation service is entirely free. With complaints the Guild will telephone and email to help get a resolution with the customer.

Distinctive, different and instantly recognisable

Large companies sometimes spend enormous sums of money on the design and manufacture of a distinctive symbol, logo or emblem. Having done so, they promote it at every available opportunity. Members of The Guild of Professional Home Services are fortunate in being able to use instantly recognisable, distinctive crest which have the strength and support of a large corporate body behind them. Members are encouraged to use The Guild emblems to promote their goods and services, there by advertising their membership and associating themselves with The Guild’s long established and well-earned reputation.


The Guild maintains a $2 million dollar public liability insurance policy, that protects the public in the case of an unprotected uninsured member. This further enhances the Guilds reputation and makes it easier for members to acquire new work.

All prices shown are for one year of membership.
$99 per year for advertising, web site development, hosting and Search Engine Optimization.

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