Why choose our member

You can choose a member of the Guild of Professional Home Services confident that you will receive the best possible service, workmanship and top quality products. ( most members have had personal visits from our representatives at there location)

The Guild's entry criteria ensure that only those companies who meet the requirements are awarded membership*, which is by no means automatic.

Members are required to prove that they have earned the right to be called "Professionals" - through the quality of their work, their commitment to customer care and the level of service they provide. Members are required to state the number of years of experience, their business licensing, insurance and BBB affiliation*, most members have received a personal visit to their premise's from one of our representatives. Any member that gets more than 3 complaints in a year that are not cleared, their membership will be terminated.

The Guild is not a consumer organisation. It is committed to pursue the interests of the consumer through careful membership selection and its procedures and mediation, in the unlikely event there is a dispute with a member.

The Guild maintains a $2 million dollar public liability insurance policy*, that protects the public in the case of an unprotected uninsured member. This further enhances the Guilds reputation and makes it easier for members to acquire new work.

Mediation services, reduce the impact of differences with suppliers. Customer complaints are bad for business. Left unanswered they cause resentment, arouse hostility, and can easily tarnish a good reputation. Yet answered promptly, they can actually increase goodwill and open the door to new business. In addition, prompt and efficient action in the early days of a dispute can prevent the problem escalating, and avoid incurring expensive legal fees. The Guild's conciliation service is entirely free. It offers a professional approach by trained counsellors skilled at problem solving, use to acting as an impartial third party, and keen to assist both sides in reaching an amicable and equitable solution.

Choosing the Right Professional

Choosing the right company to carry out work for you can be a big decision. Scams and fraud are on the increase and are getting more and more sophisticated and harder to detect, our members are screened on various levels.

Before choosing a tradesman there are a few things that you should consider and some questions you need to ask:

What work exactly do you want doing? Write down a description of what work you want undertaking in as detailed a way as you can. The more you have straight in your mind about the work you want done, the more likely that you will be able to describe it to your chosen tradesman. Obtain a specification and drawings of the planned work.

How much will it cost? Get at least two, preferably three, written quotations from different firms for the job. A quotation will give you a fixed price which you have in writing, as opposed to an estimate or verbal agreement. If you provide a specification and drawings for the work, the quotes you receive will be on a like for like basis.

Is TAX included? Ask whether TAX has been included or not?

Are Local approvals required?
Planning Permission?
Building Regulation approval?

Is your chosen company qualified and capable of carrying out the work? Make sure you check the company’s qualifications and experience of carrying out similar work. Ask to see references from other satisfied customers


How long should the work take and when can they start?

How often will they be there?

If it is a big job, make sure you get start and completion dates in writing.


Do they give any guarantees? Ask if the work is covered by a guarantee, how long the guarantee lasts and whether it is backed by insurance so that, should the company stop, any defects will still be covered.

Do they give you confidence? Think about how a company responds to your enquiry; did they turn up on time, how well did they listen to find out what you need to have done, how carefully did they survey and measure? Ask when you can expect the quotation and check whether it arrives on time.

Is the price acceptable? If the quotation from your preferred company seems high it is worth talking to them to see if there is any way the price could be reduced. Ask for any revised price and specification in writing.

When you accept the quotation

Agree in writing when the work is to be carried out

Check again how long it will take, what time they will arrive and leave and if they will come every day until the job is complete

If the work is inside your home, check whether you need to remove any furniture or carpets and curtains. Ask what safeguards will the company make to protect your home? Do they have Public Liability cover and for how much?

Check whether a deposit is required and when final payment is due. Be sure to obtain written receipts for all payments.

When work starts

If any changes are required to the original specification, discuss it with the tradesman and give written instructions. Request a revised quotation.

*This does not include members who join through affiliates