Aims & Objectives

To bring together all skilled people engaged in a trade, profession or service in order to safeguard the interests of professionals and the home trading public. To ensure the minimum qualifications for membership, preserve the high standards of The Guild members. To promote to the public the skill of the members, their honour, professional expertise and integrity, their high standards and the value for money which they offer. To provide clear identification and recognition for members. To ensure The Guild's high standards are being maintained, and by encouraging members always to strive for excellence. A SYMBOL OF QUALITY The Guild of Professional Home Services.

The Guild allows you to tap into new customer bases by allowing your trade or service to be located online easily through not only our own search feature but by major search engines. Smart Modern Advertising and Support for your Business. This is local search, and we help you get there, our social vetted network gets your business out there on the internet with high style.

The Guilds data base is one of the world’s key sourcing tools for North American services and products for the home along with homemove websites (accessible through the Guild) that get over 15 million hits per month. The Guild is where today’s buyers go to find the exact product or service they need, when they need it. Using its powerful search features, users instantly access information on over 5,000 North American companies with a total of over 100,000 pages listed.

Obtaining recognition for skill and integrity

Every businessman knows the importance of a good reputation. A good reputation opens doors. A poor one can be a permanent barrier to obtaining new business. One of the main advantages of belonging to The Guild of Professional Home Services is to share in its reputation for skill and integrity.

In the eyes of prospective customers, any new member of The Guild is automatically identified with those who have already shown their determination to provide quality products and services. This is something that gives reassurance to the customer, but also places an obligation on the member to achieve high standards. The Guild has long established that one of its primary objectives is to preserve high standards. This is achieved through a selection process which ensures that only those committed to skill and integrity are admitted to membership. Because of this The Guild’s crest, which members are permitted to use, are recognised in the market place as symbols of The Guild’s reputation for quality. Today, thousands of companies across North America belong to The Guild of Professional Home Services.